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Don’t Gamble Away Your Freedom – Call Lynn and Stein, Attorneys at Law

Don’t Gamble Away Your Freedom – Call Lynn and Stein, Attorneys at Law

Trust your criminal defense to our legal experts

Being arrested for a crime in Wabash, IN, carries serious penalties. If you don't trust your case to a qualified legal professional you could face significant consequences. Whether you’re facing a misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge or felony murder, you need an expert criminal defender from Lynn and Stein, Attorneys at Law on your side.

There are a range of punishments and fines associated with different crimes in Indiana. The judicial system splits misdemeanors and felonies into categories, with three types of misdemeanors and five designations for felonies. Murder gets a separate classification and carries a sentence ranging from 45 years in prison to the death penalty.

Regardless of your charge, our attorneys have the expertise to mount a defense using the facts of the case to your advantage. Lynn and Stein, Attorneys at Law have been defending Wabash residents in the Indiana courtroom for more than a decade, and our attorneys have years of prior experience to draw upon.

When you need a quality legal defense for your traffic, DUI/DWI or other misdemeanor or felony case, rely on Lynn and Stein, Attorneys at Law. Call 260-225-7333 today to schedule an initial consultation for your Wabash, IN, criminal case. We can also help you expunge your criminal record and get the clean slate you deserve.